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Social and Political research

                               "Person, armed with knowledge, is unbeatable." (Gorky)

Your work is related to politics? So you've probably faced a "boomerang effect", when sometimes actions lead to counterproductive results.

How to avoid the unexpected consequences?

Тhe most accurate predictions are those supported by reliable evidence. Socio-political studies reveal trends of mass consciousness. The deeper analysis of these trends, the more predictable the outcomes of your actions.

Planning a political campaign? Or adjusting existing policies? Before taking the next step test how it is perceived by the public.

What benefits does the implementation of social and political studies potentially bring?

1. You get up to date and reliable information on the current situation. And take measures to eliminate shortcomings.
2. You choose the tactics that leads to the best results.
3. You get to know your audience and speak to them in the same language .

Stages of Research

1. The first stage - problem definition, methods and objectives of the study. Given those objectives, research scheme is constructed, samples are defined and instrumentation is selected.
2. The next step - field work and quality control studies.
3. Further, data is administered, processed and analyzed by experts.
4. Results of the study are provided in a SPSS, ASCII, Exel file formats. In addition, our   specialists provide a presentation where you get answers to your questions.

Here you can order the following types of research

-         Sociological support of election campaigns and political parties;

-         Image studies for political figures, parties and movements;

-        Monitoring of the socio-political situation in the country and regions, and social response to foreign policy events;

-         Ratings of public institutions, politicians, political parties and movements;

-         Desk research (analysis of press and internet sources).

a) development and revision of the concept and strategy of electoral campaigns;

b) the electoral preferences of voters;

c) factors contributing to and hindering the implementation of PR strategy

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