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Interactive innovation

Sooner or later the moment comes, when you need to:
  • Find new business opportunities
  • Create a new product
  • Develop a new advertisement concept
  • Find new sales markets
  • Change position of a product/a brand
What should you do?– Use the Method of Interactive Innovation!

About the Method:

  • Created in theOgilvyCenter
  • Based on “brain storming” и «synectics»
  • Conducted in a group
  • One session’s duration – 3-6 hours

Basic principles of the Method:

  • Principle of differentiation of the context and the process
  • Principle of differentiation of the idea generation stages and their evaluation
  • Principle of inducement

Setting the task – the Client

  • Planning the session
  • Problem setting
  • Selecting ideas for further discussion

Discussion leader – the Moderator

  • Planning the session with the client
  • Leading the discussion
  • Creating the atmosphere
  • Managing the discussion

Creative group – idea “generators”:

  • Employees of the company-Client
  • Sociologists
  • Experts
  • Advertising agency representatives

Method’s uniqueness:

  • Tremendous amount of ideas
  • Solutions you never though of
  • One-day result
  • Saving the funds

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