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Segmentation, lifestyle

The basic purposes for segmentation of consumers are to determine:

  • Market niches
  • Strategies of consumer choice
  • Target groups

1. Segmentation by social-demographic and psychographic parameters, e.g.:

  • Social classes
  • Consumption and lifestyle
  • Psychological types

2. Segmentation by consumer behavior, e.g.:

  • Innovators
  • Moderate innovators
  • Traditionalists
  • Conservatives

3. Consumption segments:

  • Heavy users
  • Medium users
  • Light Users
  • Rejecters
  • Non users

4. Segmentation by needs. The basic tasks are to determine:

  • Market needs, which will become the most and the least important
  • New needs and values, which may appear on the market
  • Market segments and user’s requirements and expectations
  • Consumers' lifestyles
  • Current positioning of the brands and ways to strengthen it
  • Opportunities to launch a new brand

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