Product test

Product test is not an ordinary data collection, but a especially designed experiment. Usually it is conducted during the stage of product development.


     - Testing of product properties
     - Perception of the product before use
     - Perception of the product after use
     - General appeal
     - What do you like / dislike
     - Comparison of the quality of the product with competitors
     - Unique selling proposition
     - Purchase intent 
Determining the formula and dosage of components of the product
     - Selection between alternative options of the product
     - Revealing problems in product usage
     - Quality of the product, its characteristics and convenience of usage vs. the competitors

Additional tasks:

  • Package test
  • Ad-test
  • Other issues which could be investigated in this target group

Depending on the total number of tested products, the outline of the test is being developed and the sample size is being determined in order to maintain equal conditions:
1. By the type of the studied product:
    • Blind test
    • Branded test

2. By the amount of tested products per one respondent:
    • Monadic test - respondent tests and evaluates one product
    • Sequential monadic test - respondent tests and evaluates several products consecutively step by step
    • Sequential test with comparative section - respondent tests and evaluates several products consecutively, then compares all the products
    • Paired-comparison test- respondent tests two products at once, then evaluates and compares them
    • Mono-paired test/protomonadic test - respondent tests and evaluates one product, then tests the second product and compares them

3. By methodology:
    • Hall-test (personal interview in the specially equipped premises)
    • Home-test (personal interview at the respondent's residence)

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