Package test

This method allows to obtain the following information:

- Product introduction
- Assessment of attractiveness
What do you like / dislike
Choosing between alternative versions of packaging
- Troubleshooting using the product
-  Uniqueness
-  Purchase intent
- Influence of the shelf placement (optional)
- Conformity assessment of products and packaging
- Portrait of a typical consumer
- Possible consumption situations
- Influence of packaging on the buying process
- Influence of competitive environment

This method allows to answer the following questions:

  • How well does the package attract attention and highlights the product among competing ones
  • To what extent does the package reflect the brand's image
  • What notion about quality of the product does it form
  • To what extent does it inspire trust to the product
  • Does the package inspire a desire to try the product
  • Evaluation of separate elements of the package

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