Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is an effective technique, which allows to improve the quality and competitiveness of company services. It is relevant in the highly competitive fields, especially where sales and earnings of the company directly depend on the quality of services. Among those are stores, car dealerships, garages, banking sector, airlines, hotels, restaurants, beauty industry and many others.

Comprehensive program to improve the quality of service ("Mystery Shopper")  is one of the key areas of our business.

The main point of this technique is that specially trained "mystery shoppers" using a specially developed scenarios make the purchase of services or receive information from employees via various communication channels, as if they were common potential and actual customers. With proper implementation of Mystery shopping, the company will receive effective guidlines regarding improvement of staff performance on a number of important parameters, such as:

- quality of service for new and existing customers, which affects the rate of conversion from visitors to customers, loyalty and consequent positive recommendations
- level of product knowledge in the company
- competency of sales consulting, which determines the turnover and profits of the company

«Mystery shopping» is  very important tool for improving the quality of services, which allows us to solve a wide range of tasks associated with attracting and retaining customers. This technique is the most effective when applied regularly, as it is possible to trace the dynamics of service quality.

The company "Bashkirova and Partners" professionally helps to improve the quality of services in your organization. We would like to mention seven important features of our approach to "Mystery Shopping" research:

1. Project as a solution to your business needs. We do not offer " visits " and " reports ", but a set of solutions for you to achieve the required results.
Interviewers with higher education and appropriate training. We hire only those who fit the profile of the real client.
Ability to deal with complex tasks in difficult conditions. Well structured scenarios, closed B2B- markets, VIP- clients and premium segments, as well as flexibility in adjustments to the problems in the course of work - for us this is a common thing.
Profound research approach. During the visit , our experts can evaluate more than 30 important parameters that directly or indirectly affect your sales.
Detailed presentation of the results. Paper questionnaires and reports not only confirm the fact checking and professionalism of our agents, but also give a lot of valuable information about the real state of affairs.
Clear recommendations for improvement. Our experience allows us not only to ascertain the presence of weaknesses, but also provide detailed recommendations to address them.
Efficiency in program deployment. Effective work  processes allow to launch the project in 5-10 days from the date of contract .

Example of successful projects

Company XYZ * works in the market of IT- solutions for B2B segment since 2000. During this time, it has achieved consistent sales, significant market share in its segment and brand recognition. The company employs over 700 employees. Among the clients, whose total number comprise more than 7,000, there are large private and public companies, small and medium businesses.

Despite regular training of sales personnel, increased competition and increased customer demands forced  the company to fine-tune its sales techniques. The method of "Mystery Shopping" was the most suitable instrument for the implementation of all planned tasks ...

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