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AMT testing of promotional materials

Strategic objective  of AMT is a selection of the most attractive to consumers and commercially perspective concepts.


     1. Perception and brand image
     2. General attitude towards the main competitors
     3. Attitude towards the advertising of competitors
     4. Selecting an advertising concept that best communicates insight and benefits

Concept Test

Evaluation of advertising concepts - print, outdoor advertising, POS and other materials on the basic parameters:

The basic parameters of the study:
- general appeal and trust
- advantages and disadvantages of the concept
- clarity of insight
- completeness of vision
 - relevance for the category
 - relevance for the brand
 - uniqueness of the offer
 - conformity assessment of concepts and packaging
 - importance of various elements of the product
 - likelihood to purchase the product under the influence of the concept

Copy Test

Evaluation of TV ads/commercials, animatics, narramatics (illustrations with audio on video ) on the basic parameters:

memorability of TV ad/commercial
memorability of the brand and slogan
memorability video content
understanding of the core messages of the commercial
emotional assessment of the commercial ( likes / dislikes )
overall assessment
assessment of individual elements
- strengths and weaknesses
association with the commercial (positive and negative)
compliance with company and product image
change in the perception of the brand under the influence of commercial
likelihood to purchase the product under the influence ofcommercial

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