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Study of the Effectiveness of an Advertising Campaign

Study of the effectiveness of an advertising campaign allows to evaluate the marketing strategy and make informed decisions to develop strong competitive advantages of the brand .


Measuring the impact of advertising and / or promotion campaign on a permanent basis or one time
Study of the effectiveness of promotional activities of the brand and competitor campaigns
Determining the position of the brand compared to competitors and perception of advertising by different customer segments
Assessing the impact of advertising on brand
Comparative analysis of the positioning of the brand and its competitors
Determination of relationship between the current campaign and brand perception
Gathering " knowledge " to plan future campaigns

Measurements are performed on the following parameters:

  • level of advertising awareness
  • level of brand awareness
  • consumption
  • how catchy is advertising
  • what exactly stayed in the memory
  • attitude towards advertising
  • understanding the advertising message
  • positioning
  • image of the manufacturer
  • purchase intention
  • fact of purchase
  • compliance of the product with the advertising promise
  • repeated purchase

Methods of studying the efficiency of the advertising campaign:

  • ad-hoc (Pre&Post Advertising Test)
  • monitoring the awareness of brands, advertising, consumption

Methods of data collection:

  • interview by the random route sample
  • Hall-Test
  • in-street interviews

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