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Marketing Research

«Those who own the information, own the world.» (Francis Bacon)

You launch a new product, plan an advertising campaign, or you develop a new strategy to promote a product or service?

How to ensure success of your initiatives? 

While moving forward, it is better to rely on trustworthy information. And it can be acquired only as a result of sound marketing research.

Marketing research - it is a basic need of any company.

What opportunities does marketing research provide? 

    - You will know the audience reaction to the product before launching it to the market. And draw necessary conclusions.
    - You strengthen your competitive advantage by launching to the market exactly what  is needed at the moment.
    - You will make decisions based on real facts and figures, and not on speculation and assumptions.

What you get by contacting us?

We provide a full range of services in the field of marketing research from the plan development to reporting and presentation of final results, both in Russian and foreign languages.

In addition, we ensure:
     - professionalism of employees with more than 10 years of experience in the marketing field;
     - modern work processes that meet international quality standards;
     - developed technical base for the implementation of research.

Types of research that you can order from us:

     - consumer segmentation;
     - purchasing behavior and consumer preferences (U & A);
     - customer satisfaction surveys;
     - testing prices, product, packaging, concept or promotional materials;
     - image and brand positioning;
     - evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns;
     - indices of knowledge and consumption;
     - monitoring the health of the brand;
     - RM program evaluation;
     - brand development strategy;
     - mystery shopping.

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