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Format of results


     - Data file in any format (ASCII, SPSS, etc.)
     - Frequency distribution table
     - Charts and graphs
     - Brief conclusions
     - Summary reports
     - Full analytical report (electronic and printed version)
     - Additional statistical analysis if necessary
     - Presentation in Power Point format and handouts
     - Making a presentation


     - Tests of field stage, routes schemes and assignments
     - 100% control of quantitative data on the basic parameters
     - Visual and computer analysis of data arrays for completeness and logic of information
     - 10-15% control of the primary data set via repeated visits or calls
     - Verifying work of each interviewer during the year


     - Summary record
     - Brief conclusions
     - Transcripts
     - Translations into any language 
     - Audio or video recording in any format (CD, DVD, etc.)
     - Full analytical report (electronic and printed versions with conclusions and recommendations, interpretation of the results, the analysis of projective techniques, slides and handouts, presentations)

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