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Car Clinic and Test Drive

This method stands out of standard car owner researches. The first projects using Car Clinic was held in the U.S. in the early 70-ies of the last century. In Russia,  " Bashkirova and partners" was the first company conducting this study back in the mid 90s. Over recent years we have performed several such studies.

Typically, the Car Clinic project comprises the following steps:

Pre- test - ethnographic interviews (Ethnography sessions), the qualitative research method through visits to the respondents' homes. Main tasks:

  •     Explore the lifestyle of the respondent
  •     Identify the value system
  •     Dtermine the style preferences
  •     Examine the attitude to their own / current car. Evaluate interior and exterior design, comfort, ease of use, practicality and compliance with needs and requirements
  •     Identify the basic needs, find out characteristics of a future car

As a result of a pre- test, a report is prepared with photos and video.

Car Clinic - a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods. Research is conducted at major exhibition venues - Crocus Expo, Sokolniki, VDNH. The main objective of this stage is to compare the tested model with competing models. Usually measured not only by appearance, but also the interior of the vehicle, the quality of materials, ergonomics, practicality and more. Usually classmate vehicles are compared, but could also be cars from neighboring segments, higher and lower. This allows to make the test more objective and get a lot of comments on the improvement of the tested model.

Test Drive - an opportunity to assess driving performance of the tested model, often also in comparison with competitor models. During the test drive various life situations are simulated: movement in the city and out of town, parking, loading and unloading the car, transportation of oversized materials, placement of the child seat and much more. The entire process is usually recorded on the camera. And of course, during the test drive the in-depth interviews are conducted.

Focus groups - standard focus groups with the participants of previous phases of the project immediately after the quantitative test or a test drive. Main tasks:

  •      Summarize the data obtained during the quantitative survey
  •      Understand the reasons why respondents like or dislike the tested model: design, comfort, practicality, and many other parameters
  •      Identify ways to improve the tested model

Advantages of the method:

- Testing multiple brands and models of vehicles simultaneously

- Detailed study of consumer attitudes to the smallest parts of the interior and exterior of the car

- Combination of quantitative and qualitative methods

- Interviewing a large number of consumers in a few days

- Receiving interviews data in on-line mode - a survey conducted on the IPads

- Understanding the real needs of the consumer, from the general understanding of the design ending with the size of glasses storage compartment

- Identify the benefits of the tested vehicle in direct comparison with major competitors

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