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Business-to-business research

                       "Knowledge is the main management tool." (Bill Gates)

Do you plan to strengthen your position in the B2B segment? Or have you just entered this market?

Activities in the field of Business-to-Business can be compared to a game of chess. Decisions are made long and thorough, and the success of the party depends on combination of many correct moves.

How to aviod mistakes while making the next move in the Business-to-Business market ?

The more factors you consider when making a business decision, the more likely that you will act correctly. Marketing research will provide the most complete and accurate information about events that affect your success.

B2B- studies that we carry out:

  • Consumer research
  • Study of the peculiarities of consumer behavior and purchase decision-making process (in the corporate decision-making centers)
  • Study of motivation and satisfaction of corporate customers
  • Study of the competitive environment and the intensity of competition
  • Development strategy of the company, including marketing strategy, communication strategy and branding strategy
  • Advertising effectiveness and efficiency of CRM
  • Testing of a new product
  • Study of pricing, distribution, promotion, etc.

We guarantee confidentiality of information obtained during the study.

Guarantee of the service quality:

  • Our company regularly conducts Tracking research  of Russian companies. For more than 10 years we have been interviewing enterprises from Russian business elite. Approximately 8-10 «ad hoc» B2B research studies are implemented annually for domestic and foreign companies.
  • Company experts are specially trained for conducting interviews at this level.
  • All studies were conducted using B2B databases of the enterprises, some of which has been tested in previous surveys, and some - engaged specialy for a new study.

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