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Advertising research

Advertising research is a very important area of marketing, which the Company "Bashkirova and partners" successfully implements.

Launching an advertising campaign could have the potential risks, as the dollars spent might be wasted without achieving stated goals. Before launching advertising campaign, it is necessary to make sure that the advertising message can effectively convey the ideas embodied in it to the consumer, and that it can help increase sales or promote new products to the market. And generally, reach the target audience it is considering.

Properly planned and conducted qualitative research on advertising can significantly increase the chances of success and effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Company " Bashkirova and partners" will help you:

  • Examine promotional materials or advertising campaign as a whole. We will evaluate its understandability, motivating potential, memorability and effectiveness of the impact on the target audience and its behavior .
  • Explore the effectiveness of various advertising media. Determine the feasibility and effectiveness of various advertising media and communication channels to reach the right audience.
  • Assess the target audience for the advertising message. We identify the best communication channels to deliver advertising messages, as well as behaviors and preferences of the target audience.
  • Research the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. We determine the communication effect of advertising, the level of popularity of the subject of advertising before and after its implementation. We assess whether the advertising reached the target audience, was it remembered, and whether  it affected purchasing behavior.
  • Explore reputation of your brand, trade mark/logo or product. We determine whether your product requires additional advertising support.

For the purposes of advertising research, we use both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Qualitative methods (focus groups , in-depth and expert interviews) are mainly used on the stage of testing and development of advertising campaigns in order to detect errors  in the advertising concepts, develop new ideas, determine its incentive potential and penetration ability.
Quantitative methods (personal , telephone, on-line questionnaires and interviews) usually focus on the study of the resulting advertising effects on the target audience.

Our company has helped many well-known brands to reach their goals. Let your advertising get better! Order advertising study from us!

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