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Our history

The history of our company started at the turn of 1980s -1990s, when Elena Bashkirova, who was the chief of cross-national research department at Institute of Sociology (Russian Academy of Science) till 1991, created the independent research agency.

Since 1992, Elena Bashkirova served as a General Director of this independent research agency dealing with all types of social, political and market research. The company gathered the leading experts in the field of sociology, psychology and statistics.

Due to high qualification and quality of work, advanced methodology, organization, modern technical equipment and software, the company became one of the leading and successful research agencies not only in Russian but also became widely popular abroad.

In particular, since 1993, our independent research agency became national (exclusive) representative of international research network - Gallup International.

Under the direction of Elena Bashkirova, the company was a participant of major International projects sponsored by the European Committee (Eurobarometer), UNESCO, World Values 1990, 1995, 1999, NATO, etc.

Elena Bashkirova has numerous publications both inside and outside Russia. She is a board member of ESOMAR, EAPC, IAPC, ISA, IPSA, and WAPOR, as well as the winner of "Counsellor-2000" for her research in the field of public relations, has diplomas of business partner and gratitude certificates for development programs, among which are the Interior Ministry, the Governor of the Kirov region, "ELKOD” group of companies, "Aurora" LLC.

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