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Will the world become free of labor conflicts?..

The results of the “End of the Year” studies, carried out by Bashkirova and Partners at the end of 2012 tell us about what Russians think of potential labor conflicts inside this country in the forthcoming year.

Do you think the number of strikes and labor conflicts in Russia will grow, become less-numbered, or remain the same as today in the year of 2013?

Every second Russian believes the number of strikes and labor conflicts in 2013 will remain at the current level. 24 % of study participants think they increase in number, and just 11% see reduction of those.

These are residents of the Central and the Southern federal districts (30%), and respondents 40-59 y.o. (26%), who predict the increase of the strikes.

In such a fashion, the findings of the study show that according to the participants, the protest activity within the Russian population of the Central and Southern federal districts will be still high in the coming year.

And this means that the population needs protection of their labor and civil rights, and therefore – it will exercise its right for collective acts more actively.

The study was conducted December 2012 based on the all-Russia representative sample (adults of 18+) using face-to-face interview method in place of residence. Altogether 1500 respondents in 8 federal districts, 46 entities of the Russian Federation in 100 settlements, (168 sample points) have been interviewed. Sample error makes 2,5%.

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