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The Crisis On the Threshold?

Recently experts have come to talk on economical crisis, unemployment and global scale financial troubles again. Financers are here again to scare us with markets dropdowns, growing inflation and GDP plummeting. But this is how professionals view the situation. And what ordinary Russians think about it?

Do you think Russia has come to face a new wave of the economical crisis? (% of respondents)

In overall, simple Russians as well as the financial experts are regarding the coming economical future without optimism. 41% of the interviewed believe, the new wave of the crisis has already arrived. However a third of Russians think we aren’t facing this challenge so far. It’s worth noting, that nearly a quarter of our respondents have failed to get definite on their answer, so there’s still a chance the percentage of pessimists/optimists will change anyhow.

This being said, regardless of their gender and age, Russians perceive the existing state of things nearly equally. A far greater influencer in this connection is a parameter of a Federal district, where respondents reside.

As it can be seen from the below graphs, residents of the Ural and Siberian federal districts, i.e. the centers of heavy and mining industry appear to be in the hardest situation. Already a half of residents of these regions are sure either a new wave of the crises or a new crisis (based on what extent experts express them up to) is already there.

Do you think Russia has come to face a new wave of the economical crisis? (% of respondents)

So we can say Russians treat the existing economical situation still lacking total pessimism, and yet rather cautiously. That’s why in our next issue we will speak on if the state of the economy already has influenced our citizens’ finances.

The study was conducted in the period of September 2013 based on the all-Russia representative sample (15+) using face-to-face interview method in place of residence. Altogether 1500 respondents in 7 federal districts, 46 entities of the Russian Federation in 100 settlements (168 sample points) have been interviewed. The sample error makes up 2,5%.

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