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Summer is the happiest time?

This issue adds to our summer time joy. This time we are trying to approach the matter from some different viewpoint and so we have asked our respondents about such important aspects of life as safety, freedom, self-respect and respect towards the others.

Thinking of your present life in overall, can you say, you…? (% from respondents):

It has turned out that positive look of Russians at such aspects as career, personal relationship and physical health, is supported by sense of safety, freedom in everyday life: about 70% of Russians feel themselves free and on a safe side. Certainly in the ideal world the percentage of those feeling free and safe should be tending towards 100%. However to our mind even this finding makes the ground for being optimistic.

Such an in overall positive perception of life is backed up with Russians’ respect to their selves, to those around them, as well as with the sense of being in harmony with the rest of the world.

The study was conducted in the period of June-July 2013 based on the all-Russia representative sample (15+) using face-to-face interview method in place of residence. Altogether 1500 respondents in 7 federal districts, 46 entities of the Russian Federation in 100 settlements (168 sample points) have been interviewed. The sample error makes up 2,5%.

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