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Summer Holidays in Crimea

In early year of 2014 the number of Russian Crimea visitors has grown more than twofold (800 000 people by the mid of July against 400 000 people over the whole year of 2013.). This being said the total number of tourists spending their summer holidays on the peninsular resorts has got less by 50%. At the start of summer holidays season Bashkirova and partners conducted a survey to discover whether the Russian tourists flow is able to compensate reduction in number of Ukrainians, who used to go to Crimea.

 Early June 2014 6% of Russians were planning to spend their summer holidays in Crimea. Additionally 14% were considering possibility of spending their holidays on the peninsular as one of options available.  

Within Russian citizens age group of between 18 and 25, 9% of respondents plan spending their holidays in the resorts of the peninsular. This is by 5-6 p.p.* greater than the percentage of potential Crimea tourists within older age category. Crimea has always been an appealing holiday location for Russian students for low costs (even lower than those in Krasnodar Kray and many foreign holiday destinations) and for no requirement of visa and an international passport.  


Amongst elderly people only 3% were planning their holidays in the recently attached region. According to available statistics the Russian retired is the category, which the least often spends their holidays on the sea.


 Taking into account that most of the Russian people spend their holidays at home or at their dacha, and 5- 10% prefer going to abroad, we should note that 6% of Russians planning having rest on the Crimean sea coast (who for whatever reason however have not brought their plans to life) represent the significant percentage of homeland tourists, comparable to the share of tourists going to the Krasnodar Kray or to abroad.


The six percent of respondents making their plans for Crimea make about 8 500 000 people. And this figure is not only tenfold greater than the number of Russians who have already visited the peninsular, but also much greater than the total amount of tourists who spent their holidays in Crimea in 2013 (with 2/3 of Ukrainian citizens). This makes a considerable potential, capable to allow the new Russian Federation entity not just to maintain the tourism sector revenues on the previous level, but also to raise them considerably (by 50% and greater).

If plans for game zone location on the peninsular are managed to be implemented, it has all chance to make an appealing holiday destination for our citizens with high incomes, and even get more popular than the Krasnodar Kray.  And yet to manage this, a solution needs to be found above all for construction of transportation communications to Crimea, infrastructure modernization and service quality level upgrade.


 The study was conducted end May 2014 based on all-Russia random route sample (18+) using face-to-face interviews in place of residence. Altogether 1500 respondents in 8 federal districts, 100 settlements, 200 sample points have been surveyed. The sample error makes up 2,5%.


  • P.p. percentage points


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