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Russians fear to face unemployment

Are Russians happy about their job? Do they have concerns related to unemployment rate growing risks in time of economic volatility?  These questions are going to be answered in another survey, available from Bashkirova and partners Independent research agency.


Above a half of Russians (55%) are happy with their jobs. Salary size is certainly said to be a key criterion. However having a job, giving not only steady and good income, but also non-material satisfaction is of importance for 65% of respondents.


  According to official statistics in Russia about 810 000 people have been registered as unemployed (Russian people getting unemployment benefit) – this is approximately a fifth part of unemployed population, calculated using International Labour Organization techniques. The unemployed population size in this country has been estimated 4 000 000 people as per October 2014, which makes 5,1% of total workforce.

 By and large (abstracting away from state of things in one-company towns and most depressed regions, e.g. Dagestan, Ingushetia etc.), the unemployment level in Russia is much lower, than in multiple economically developed countries. As of October 2014 the percentage of unemployed from total work force in the USA was 5,8%, EU- 10,2% (27,2% for Greece, 24,5% for Spain, 14,0% for Portugal, up to 16,2% for Croatia, 10,5% for France).  This being said, significant number of Russians are concerned about this issue. 5% of interviewees view unemployment as most dramatic issue, Russia’s currently facing. This problem is Number Six on the rating scale of issues.

We may assume that unemployment importance rating has been to great extent affected not by its actual level, but the social vulnerability in people having lost their jobs. In 2014 monthly unemployment benefit in Russia has been fixed in the amount of between 850 and 4900 rubles, which is by living wage of 8192 rubles is absolutely insufficient even for a person without dependants, unsettled credits and due rental payment.


In time of economic non-stability, the risk of losing job is getting higher. Amongst the interviewed, 8 % used to lose their jobs in time of crisis. 20% said their relatives and friends used to face the problem. Economy state deterioration in this country under poor efficacy of government’s aid to unemployed people can’t help getting our respondents concerned. This is despite the fact that percentage of unemployed (less people active solely in housekeeping) according to our survey data makes just around 3%.  


This study was conducted in October 2014 on all-Russia random route sample (18+) through face-to-face interviews in place of residence. Altogether 1500 respondents in 8 federal districts, 150 settlements, 200 sample points have been surveyed. The sample error makes 2,5%.





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