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Russians choose to be with their families at St.Valentine’s!

As we’re approaching the St.Valentine’s Day, Bashkirova and partners has run a survey on the subject of family values in life of Russian people. To begin with we should note that a family currently takes the top position within the Russian system of values. Friends and the acquainted, job, personal time, religion and politics are far less important for our domestic audience.


According to Russians a happy marriage should be based on the following:

  • faith;
  • having children;
  • sufficient income level;
  • apropriate living facilities available;
  • Positive sexual relationship;
  • Equal distribution of household duties.

Such attributes as “equal social status”, “common religious outlooks” have appeared at the bottom of the list. These factors are considered to be less relevant for a happy marriage than the above indicated. Even more Russians are getting currently inclined to think no happy relationships can be established lacking these pillars listed.


The study was conducted in February 2014 based on representative random sample in adults (18+) using phone interview. Altogether 500 respondents residing in Moscow have been interviewed.









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