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Russians advocating strong measures in relation of migrants

The illegal labor migration from the Central Asia region remains one of the most burning challenges the Russian society is facing today. After the much talked-of events in Biryulyovo District of Moscow, the authorities of Moscow and other Russian regions took a number of steps to increase effectiveness in fighting migrants, staying illegally in the territory of Russia.

Bashkirova and partners has conducted a survey setting the objective to explore how Russian feel about the steps taken by the Russian authorities in order to resolve the problem.


 The study results show that nearly a half of respondents (46%) approve the stern actions of the authorities, which is the evidence of hostility high level of the local people towards migrants. A quarter of the interviewed have said they don’t support these steps, and approximately the same number of respondents does not know.

 The overwhelming majority, i.e. 66%, has stood up for harder procedures for entry and registration of migrants. Only 13% have expressed their negative judgment in relation to these steps.  It’s important to note that making entry and the registration rules more severe, will impact negatively on legal migrants above all. The high support level for these suggestions in two thirds of the Russian population is proving that the aggression is associated not only with the illegal migration, but also labor migration from the Central Asia region in general.


Tougher control exercised by migration authorities in fighting illegal migration appears the most common and effective measure to Russians’ mind. 36% of respondents support the suggestion worded by some opposition members on establishing a visa regime with the Central Asia states. Criminalization of forgery of registration documents has been supported by 28% of respondents. It’s indicative that despite the refusal to totally ban migrants’ entry in Russia the majority normally stands up for bans in economical dimension. At the same time improving an information system for migrants is found in the end of the list of measures, which once again proves the Russian citizens’ rather aggressive response towards migrants, and it is explained by acuity of the problem and by its being neglected by the authorities.

 The study was conducted in December 2013 based on all-Russia quota sample (15+) using face-to-face interview method in place of residence. Altogether 1000 respondents in 8 federal districts, 153 settlements (201 sample points) have been interviewed.

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