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Putin’s Policies

In the light of policies, run by the Russian President V.Putin, being immensely and globally debated on, the independent research company of Bashkirova and partners has conducted a survey which is to find out how effective, in Russians’ view, the Russian President’s foreign policies on a range of issues could be.

According to the survey findings, the definite most of the nation still keeps on supporting the Russian President’s policies. The majority of Russians has a positive vision of the state of things in the national sense, and approves the deeds of the national leader Vladimir Putin. This is particularly true in relation of the national security and the ongoing crisis with Ukraine. The number of respondents who’s thinking Russia is currently on the right track in terms of international relationship, has reached the maximum figure over the entire period of monitoring, and made up 88.3%.

The study was conducted at the end of July 2014 based on all-Russia random route sample (18+) using face-to-face interviews in place of residence. Altogether 1500 respondents in 8 federal districts, 100 settlements, 200 sample points have been surveyed. The sample error makes up 2,5%.

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