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Poor living standard and rising prices are of main concern to Russians

Which are the most burning and most outstanding problems, Russians think, to be resolved above all? Another study, undertaken by Bashkirova and partners, is supposed to give an answer to this question. The first part of the study fell onto January 2013, and its second stage has been completed January 2014.

According to respondents, the most dramatic problems for Russia presently are: current inflation and price surge (39% of the interviewed use to think so in 2014), income low level (34% are of the opinion in 2014 and this parameter is by 8 p.p.* higher than that of 2013). Unemployment, unaffordability of housing, alcohol abuse, poor quality of medical services, influx of immigrants and moral degradation has also been mentioned by the study participants. The level of concern for all the discussed issues except unemployment got increased with Russians in 2013.

If we look at the list of problems, topical for Russia in overall, and at that of problems for regions, we will find a number of relevant distinctions. The issues related to the housing services and utilities, immigration, roads performance etc. are found more sensitive by respondents surveyed on a regional level.

Moreover according to the interviewed Russians, a problem relevance has reduced for housing services and utilities (by 7 p.p. in regions and by 5 p.p. for Russia in general), for unemployment (by 2 p.p. in regions and by same value in overall Russia), for road performance (by 3 p.p. and 2 p.p. accordingly).

Regional and municipal elections enable Russian residents to support those candidates, who promise to resolve the most burning and urgent issues Russians think of as of priority.

The most of respondents (65% in 2013 and 2014), are willing to support in election a political party which would prevent utility services prices from rising. Another most outstanding problem is poor quality of medical and academic services. So a politician who would address this issue would enjoy Russians’ strong support. This aspect was sounded by 50% of respondents in 2014 and 40% in 2013. Economy growth, getting higher living standard, resolving environmental issues, preserving historic value buildings, redistribution of funds between the federal center and regional budgets, reduction of number of officials and immigrants have also dropped on the list of very important urgencies, able to mobilize voters’ support  .


The study was conducted in January 2013 and 2014 based on all-Russia representative random route sample in adult urban dwellers (18+) using face-to-face interview method in place of residence. Altogether 1000 respondents in 8 federal districts, 100 settlements, in 200 sampling points have been interviewed. The sample error makes up 3,1%.


* percentage point


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