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Political Stability in Russia

The independent research agency of Bashkirova and partners proceeds with publishing  a series of press-releases on evaluation of stability and effectiveness of the national political system.


More than a half of the Russian citizens interviewed are sure this country is moving in the right direction. One fifth of the respondents think opposite. About the same percentage of the interviewed are not able to say for sure. What makes many doubt of whether the path for the country, chosen by the authorities is appropriate?


Positive development of national economy and growing people’s well-being make one of the most relevant pre-conditions for a stable political system.

We have compared assessments, given by respondents in relation of financial standing of their own households and the national economy in overall.  The best part of respondents (60%) defined their financial standing as good.  49% of citizens have rated the national economy state positively. The differences in the perceptions could be connected to that personal well-being assessments are based on daily observations while vision of the Russian economy state is based on mass media reports, warning people about alarming signs of economy growth rate reduction and recession proximity (or even its starting).


For assessment of impact social and economic factors have on political stability, the correlation of people’s expectations of their well-being growth, the national economy development and real dynamics in their incomes are of importance. Should people’s optimistic expectations differ considerably from the real state of things, we can face a discontent upsurge and rapid rising of protest sentiment (a so called “Davies’ J Curve”).

In exceed of a half or respondents (54%) are of opinion, their household financial standing is not going to change, while a quarter of them (26%) expect better situation, and only 15% look to their future with pessimism. 

The president and the government are currently enjoying the Russian citizens’ significant credit of trust. The economic policy pursued by V.Putin is supported by 69% of respondents, and his foreign policy – by more than 80% (we will provide more details on this in our further press-releases).  Our people’s optimism and their high estimate of authorities’ policies effectiveness make up the most powerful condition which guarantees the Russian political system stability. We can presuppose that if the Russian authorities manage some economic issues and prevent people’s standard living from dropping down, they are very likely to avoid the political system destabilization risks.   


The study was conducted early July 2014 based on all-Russia random route sample (18+) using face-to-face interviews in place of residence. Altogether 1500 respondents in 8 federal districts, 100 settlements, 200 sample points have been surveyed. The sample error makes up 2,5%.


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