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Political Leaders’ Ratings

Further exploring electoral sentiments in Russian people, Bashkirova and partners has made another release on the subject. This time we have asked Russian respondents who they would support at the national presidential elections if the event occurred next weekends.


Two thirds of respondents (66%) are willing to vote for the sitting president. His closest rival is the leader of Communists, G.Zyuganov, where only 5% of the surveyed would come to cast their vote for him. V.Zhirinovsky is settling in the third top position with 4% of votes.  

As well as the electoral rating of the “United Russia” (see our article from September 3rd), V.Putin’s rating is the highest in Russian respondents, which make part of the low third segment of the middle class (with incomes between 40 000 and 50 00 rubles.) and in the poorest population strata. While the first ones sense some qualitative worsening in their habitual living standard (or some threatening to it), the others, with income level under 10 000 rubles, have a chance of dropping to near the poverty line. We can guess, that not seeing an opportunity of insuring themselves independently against negative aftermath caused by the economy crisis, these give shape to social mandate for paternalism and find the sitting president to be the one to manage social consequences of GDP falling and the national currency devaluation.       

Besides it’s worth noting, that we can find in ladies by 10% greater number of willing to vote for V.Putin than in men.  

Only 5% of respondents are willing to vote for CPRF leader. We should note that in the young (between 30 and 40 y.o.) only 1% of voters are willing to vote for G.Zyuganov, while his popularity reaches 14% in Russians from age category above 60 y.o..

We can find 10-12% of the CPRF leader’s supporters in respondents with incomes under 30 000 rubles, which is quite natural for a politician, declaring social slogans (on the other hand low-income respondents and the retired make overlapping sets).   

Percentage of supporters to V.Zhirinovsky is by 4% higher in respondents of 30-39 year olds versus the category above 60 of age. There are by 5% more men in the LDPR leader’s supporter army, than women. Percentages for S.Mironov and A.Navalny are too small to be analyzed.  

We would like to note additionally, that 8% of respondents have selected answer option of “Not going to ballots”. Other 12% say they just “Don’t know”. I.e. about a quarter of potential voters have not got certain with their choice.


This study was conducted in late August 2015 based on all-Russia random route sample (18+) by means of face-to-face interviews in place of residence. Altogether 1500 respondents in 8 federal districts, 150 settlements, 200 sample points have been interviewed. The sample error makes ± 2,5% by C.I. of 95%.  



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