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Parking areas, traffic jams and labor migrants: major problems of Moscow

«For each of the areas listed below tell me please, how well, do you think, the authorities manage the area related problems: very well, rather well, rather poor or very poor?» (% of respondents, responses “well”, “rather well” as well as “rather poor” and “very poor” having been pre-programmed).

We find that according to the city dwellers, the Moscow authorities manage quite well public cleansing and municipal transportation related issues. The number of respondents thinking positively about how the authorities are resolving these areas issues is noticeably higher than those unhappy with the respective performances.

Somewhat worse but still by and large acceptable, is the current state of things in such areas as public utility services, provision for leisure opportunities for schoolchildren and the young and social service performance. The difference here between the positive and the negative does not exceed 25%.

The systems of education, healthcare and residential development leave far much more often to be desired.

Finally the situation’s totally poor with the environment protection, parking availabilities and the number of illegal labor migrants.

The study was conducted in April 2013 in Moscow on quota sample (between 18 and 65 y.o.) by method of face-to-face interview in place of residence. Altogether 400 respondents have been interviewed.

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