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Ideal Breakfast of Successful Person

Over the past few years, "Bashkirova and Partners" conducted a series of studies that allowed us to determine the existing preferences of Russian citizens in food consumption, as well as identify new trends. In this article we would like to tell you about the breakfast in Russia.

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal; it largely determines the mood and well being throughout the day. In each country it is different. If in America, you can eat pancakes with bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast, then, for example, in Thailand people eat spicy fish with mint, sweet-spicy pork and rice.

In Russia, the first meal is usually at home, and in the mornings people prefer the food that they are used to, something familiar since the childhood. However, in recent years, new products have become quite popular. Russian breakfast - delicious, saturating and very diverse, ranges from the classic version of Russian porridge and sandwiches with tea, to  the relatively recently emerged ‘dry food’, such as muesli and cereals. The food for breakfast can be sweet and salty, useful and not especially useful.

 According to the results of the study, the habit to have a substantial breakfast is still alive! As they say  ' the breakfast you have to eat yourself, lunch you have to share with a friend, and dinner you give to the enemy ... '

So what Russians prefer to eat for breakfast?

Here it is - the top six most popular foods and dishes for breakfast:


The results of these studies also helped us to get an idea about the perfect breakfast of successful modern person.

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