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Moscow ladies more successful than men

Do Muscovites think of themselves as successful? Are these men or women who see themselves more successful? What should be the attributes of a successful person? See the results of the study made by Bashkirova and partners to find answers to these questions.

 Image of a successful individual takes one of the key points within today mass culture. Thought before as an attribute of Western (an American above all), lifestyle, it has already for long time been a legitimate and recognized goal for many of our people. It’s particularly true for the young, aspiring not only for financial success, but also thinking of relevance of creative self-fulfillment, making a professional career, making a family of their own.


The results show that 60% of Muscovites consider themselves successful people. We also should note that this percentage is much greater amongst the young (18-29 years of age), than within the retired. Young people show more optimism about their opportunities and achievements.

 We can see more ladies than men in the group of successful respondents, which is the evidence ladies rate their achievements higher and feel more proud about them.

What exactly is that Muscovites mean to be a success? How do they see it?


A family and children are still considered to be a pillar value, and more than a half of Muscovites think so. Despite their life tempo and style for a megacity, having a family and children is one of the most relevant parameters of success.

Material wealth and prestigious job is viewed as significant by a third of the study participants.  They also used to often mention getting high education and creative self-fulfillment.

Material wealth is of greater relevance to men, while education aspect and a prestigious job is of greater value to ladies.


The study was conducted in January 2014 based on representative random sample in adults Moscow residents (18+) using phone interview. Altogether 500 respondents have been interviewed.




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