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Issues and Challenges Russia’s facing today

Which of the issues, our country is facing today, are of greatest relevance to Russians’ mind? Another survey conducted by Bashkirova and partners at the end of August, is supposed to find the answer.


A third of Russians (33%) consider economic trouble to be the most important. About a fourth of the interviewed think global unrest is the most topical issue (combat actions in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine). 13% of our people are still concerned much about corruption. Additionally the following sensitive issues have been listed: unemployment, terrorism and problems related to environment pollution.

We should note that only 2% look at immigration as the most important issue, which evidences of that just a small share of Russian people is subject to xenophobia to the extent of regarding the migration from the Central Asia as the most critical and sensitive challenge for today’s Russia. (In our earlier surveys 10%-12% respondents free to select several answer options, used to point to immigration issues. At the same time poor living standards, inflation and other economic troubles were of concern to between 25% and 40% of respondents)

Responses of the survey participants residing in large cities appear considerably different on a number of questions compared to rural areas residents.  Thus for e.g. 11% of rural residents have great concerns about unemployment while this parameter makes an issue for 4% of urban dwellers only. Just on the opposite, corruption makes an issue to 18% of large city residents, but the relevant figure for rural settlements is 9%.

Some questions are of much greater concern to respondents with high education level, than to secondary or vocational school graduates. Thus the global unrest worries 29% of Russian people having high education level while the percentage for people with secondary education makes up 18%.


This study was conducted at the end of August 2014 based on all-Russia random route sample (18+) by means of face-to-face interviews in place of residence. Altogether 1500 respondents in 8 federal districts, 150 settlements, 200 sample points have been interviewed. The sample error makes up 2,5%.





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