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Impact of the Coronavirus on the domestic and foreign policy of Russia

In 2020, the whole world was struck by the Coronavirus pandemic. In response to changes in the world, the independent research company “Bashkirova and Partners” decided to find out how, according to experts, the Coronavirus can affect the domestic and foreign policy of Russia.

The study took place in January 2020. Surveys were conducted between two main groups of experts (analysts and representatives of the executive branch) in the field of economic development and international relations. A total of 50 respondents were interviewed.

Almost unanimously, experts said that the Coronavirus pandemic would affect the country's internal politics. There will be a recession in the economy, a drop in oil and gas prices, and small and medium-sized businesses will be in a disastrous state. As a consequence, this will lead to a sharp decline in GDP, a reduction in citizens' incomes, and a huge increase in poverty. The most frequently used quote: "The economic recession, the crisis - this is what awaits Russia."

A significant number of experts indicate that the Coronavirus pandemic will also affect the country's foreign policy. The respondents believe that Russia will become the guarantor of good relations with other countries, take the position of one of the leaders in the global restructuring of relations, and become the center around which other countries will gather to overcome the crisis. A quote that well reflects the perception of many experts on this issue: "Russia should become a leader and a role model of international relations with other countries."

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