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How popular are Social Media in Russia

One year time from now Bashkirova and partners published the resulting data from the all-Russia representative survey on popularity of social media in this country. One year has passed and we suggest you to compare how Russians’ preferences have changed over the time.


As well as in last winter the Odnoklassniki social media is still the leader. The number of its users has grown by 4 p.p. from total respondents.  Despite Odnoklassniki’s being behind the Vkontakte in terms of popularity amongst users of the young under 25 (64% vs. 78%), this site wins through number of older people, using it.  Amongst Russians interviewed under 40 of age, we have 60% of “OK” users, 40% of those under 55 y.o., 25% of those between 55 and 65 of age and even 11% within the retired user category for Odnoklassniki. No other Russian social media can boast of such indicators. User low activity on Odnoklassniki is the only weak point of the site. Just 12% of respondents visit the site at least once a week.

The second line of popularity belongs to «Vkontakte». Despite its founder P.Durov’s having left from the project,  this social media site has incremented the share of the registered Russians by 5 p.p. Yielding  “OK” in popularity amongst older age users, the Vkontakte  wins in its fight with its key competitor for the loyalty of the young.  The younger audience makes a dramatic competitive advantage, since young people appear to be livelier online.  32% of Vkontakte users are under 25 years old and 40% are still under 40 of age (the relevant values for OK are 23% and 40% accordingly). As result, losing in number of registered users, «Vkontakte» wins from its competitor as much as thrice on the share of respondents, using Vkontakte once a week and more often.

Facebook takes the third line, and its popularity has not changed over one year time. It’s illustratory, that having the same age structure of users as that of Vkontakte, this social media wins by 1 p.p from Odnoklassniki by the number of the site active users. This being said the number of its registered users is three times less than that of “OK”.     

The fourth position is taken by Google+, where the number of registered users has enlarged over year by 3 p.p.  10% of respondents said they use the site regularly.  According to experts, the most of them don’t use the social media itself, but other applications of Google that are integrated within it. 

We find Twitter, being the last one on this list of top social media sites with 2 p.p. down over the past year.  Only 2% of respondents have reported in 2015 on having blogs on «Livejournal» (while 5% a year ago). Despite the statistics by TNS saying 16 million users been registered with the service, its popularity is continuously dropping down and big amount of respondents has evidently forgotten about their accounts in this social media.



This study was conducted in February 2015 based on all-Russia random route sample (18+) by means of face-to-face interviews in place of residence. Altogether 1000 respondents in 8 federal districts, 100 settlements, 200 sample points have been surveyed. The sample error makes up 3,1%.


p.p. – Percentage point

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