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Healthy food as a basis of immunity system

In November 2020, the Independent Research Agency "Bashkirova and Partners" conducted a study for Rospotrebnadzor, on the topic "Assessment of respondents' perception of healthy food as the basis for the formation of immunity system."

The strategic goal of the study was to help the authorities plan outreach work on healthy eating as the basis for the formation of immunity of the Russian population.

The study involved 20 experts: professionals of classical and network media, specializing on this topic, and representatives of the medical community. Overall, 20 in-depth interviews were conducted, lasting from 45 minutes to an hour.

When asked to indicate the main topics of healthy food and its connection with immunity that concern the population of Russia, experts most often mentioned special diets that strengthen the immune system, proper nutritional food, the effect of certain foods on immunity, immunomodulators, dietary supplements and vitamins, as well as healthy lifestyles to maintain immunity and longevity. See the distribution on the graph below.

According to the respondents, the information and explanatory work on the part of the authorities should be primarily aimed at promoting the principles of healthy eating and explaining its influence on the formation of immunity system. Experts noted the importance of having competent sources: government resources or professional communities to obtain reliable data on the treatment / diagnosis of diseases of the immune system. In particular, the importance of national projects aimed at motivating and educating the population regarding the healthy lifestyle was frequently mentioned. It was also proposed to conduct educational work with children and young parents.


Experts point out television as one of the best tools for outreach work, in particular interactive shows, presentations by specialists in the framework of the programs " Healthy Living ", "Health", "Doctor Komarovsky's School", "About the Most Important One". Experts mentioned such web sources as the здоровье.рф portals, the School of Healthy Eating, the online project “The Book of Healthy Recipes”,  Vkontakte group of the program “Nutrition Diary”, courses and videos on YouTube from doctors, headings about nutrition in health blogs, recipes for healthy eating on websites foodandhealth.ru, salatshop.ru, Healthy Russia. Experts propose to introduce weakly articles with the healthy diet advices in print media and organize thematic events: seasonal fairs, where experts will hold talks, master classes on cooking healthy dishes, lectures / meetings with specialists; consultations in clinics: round tables (online / offline), presentations of nutritional methods from doctors.

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