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God Bless You!

Flu is walking across the nation while Public health reforming processes are entangled, and prospects are cloudy, and are not likely to play into an ordinary Russian’s hands. By and large the situation is quite favorable for talking about physical health. It’s exactly what we have asked about while exploring the issues of Russians’ great concern.

Could you tell us of how great concern for you is your own physical health and that of your significant other? (% of respondents)

The picture acquired does not produce much optimism: 46% of Russians are concerned or strongly concerned about their beloved as well as their own physical health. Of course if we worship the philosophy of a half-full glass, the situation then does not look bad at all – 54% of the interviewed don’t bother themselves with this matter. However, in our view, the fact that half of Russians are worried with their health does not look optimistic.

It’s worth noting that ladies are more often concerned about health than men (49% vs. 42%), while Russians above 60 of age take this matter more seriously compared to their younger compatriots (between 18 and 59 y.o.) – 54% vs. 43%.

The landscape like this is easy to explain: ladies are traditionally more focused on their selves and those around them. As for elderly people, unfortunately they have greater number of reasons to look more often at their maladies.

It’s also remarkable that in our study we have found no proofs for the myth related to particular use of country lifestyle for an individual. Both urban and rural residents are concerned more or less equally about their health .

The study was conducted in December 2012 based on the all-Russia representative sample (adults of 18+) using face-to-face interview method in place of residence. Altogether 1500 respondents in 8 federal districts, 46 entities of the Russian Federation in 100 settlements, (168 sample points) have been interviewed. Sample error makes 2,5%.

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