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Double jobholding for the Mayor?

In March we interviewed middle class Muscovites to know their views on how extensive the Moscow City Duma Deputies’ powers should be and who should be the Duma Chairman.

According to the total majority of the respondents, all city dwellers should be entitled to elect a mayor, not only the City Duma deputies (only 20% of the interviewed think a mayor should be appointed by the deputies).

Tell us please which of the below statements you agree the most with? (% from respondents)

In other words, some Muscovites would not mind if the City Duma powers got somewhat less extensive.

Should we be speaking of another important position – the chairman of the City Duma, if Moscow middle class representatives decided independently about who should take the position, it would have been suggested to the present Moscow administrator, Sergey Sobyanin. The second most popular candidate for this chair is Mikhail Prokhorov.

This being said 12% of the respondents don’t care at all who would be a chairman of the Moscow City Duma in the next convocation.

Tell us please, who of these people below you would like to see as a Chairman of the Moscow City Duma after these elections? (% of respondents)

It is curious that about a quarter of the interviewed don’t know who presently stands as a chairman of the Moscow City Duma: when answering our question, who exactly a chairman of the MSD is, 75% of respondents gave us an absolutely correct answer, i.e. V.Platonov. About 20% have admitted at once they have no idea of that, and 5% suggested other options.

The study was carried out in March 2013 in Moscow based on quota sample (25-65 y.o) by face-to-face, on place of residence. In total 400 respondents have been interviewed.

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