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Authorities and the middle class: is there the talking?

We proceed with our publications about issues of interrelation between the public and the authorities. Today we have decided to discuss the subject with the representatives of the middle class, residing in million-cities. (Although criteria for the Russian middle class are still disputable, for the purposes of this study we have included into the category Russians with incomplete higher or higher education level, whose income level allows buying a vehicle at least using a credit.)

Do you think there’s a truly real dialogue between the government authorities and people like you? (% of the respondents)

The interviewing results don’t produce much optimism: 60% of the middle class representatives believe there’s no dialogue between the authorities and those, who in a successful nation make a foundation of the society.

Furthermore as it is seen from the figure below, quite a substantial potential is being lost – in total 36% of our respondents believe they could have contributed much to the public management than they presently do. At the same time 26% are of opinion their efforts will go vain, and 10% are sure the authorities hamper actively with their civil attempts.

It’s worth noting that in total 20% of the middle class representatives believe people like themselves should not get involved in the public management process: 17% have noted they essentially are not able to contribute to the management, while 3% are sure they might disserve if they do.

And yet, not everyone is willing to participate at managing the society – 13% of respondents declared they did not want to do that.

Relatively good news is that 6% of respondents believes that the present authorities render great deal of opportunities for getting involved in public management, and 8% are already involved in it.

Do you believe you could contribute to public management more, than you currently do? (% of the respondents)

So as it can be seen from the above, involvement of the middle class in public life today is rather low, and the key reason for this according to the respondents is authorities’ unwillingness to listen to opinion of people, moreover those people, who are capable of positive contribution to the nation’s life.

The study was made in March 2013 in big cities with the population of at least 1 million based on quota sample (25-65 y.o), face-to-face, on place of residence. In total 1100 respondents have been interviewed.

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