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To bribe or not to bribe?

Fight against corruption has recently become one of the most popular focal points of internal policy. Official views are unambiguous and confirmed by concrete actions, but people’s thoughts on the subject are not that clear-cut. We asked Russians which system they would prefer – the one where corruption does not exist or the one where illegal privileged services are possible. It is also interesting to know how acceptable they consider various types of “additional payments”.

Исследование проводилось по всероссийской случайной маршрутной выборке населения (18+). Личные интервью по месту жительства. Было опрошено 2000 респондентов в 8 федеральных округах, 155 населенных пунктах, 266 точек опроса. Ошибка выборки ± 2,2% при доверительном интервале 95%.

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