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Forum "Social project-planning for the purposes of social efforts"

10-12 April Bashkirova and partners Company participates in the forum of "Social project-planning for the purposes of social efforts" sponsored by the Russian State University for the Humanities. 

A new platform for youth initiatives is unveiled

10 - 12 April, 2014 the Russian State University for the Humanities is arranging for the marketplace event   «Social Project-planning For the Purpose Of Youth Initiatives».

The forum with Bashkirova and partners independent research agency as a partner will make up an excellent environment for experiences and ideas exchange in the young on socially oriented startups, on issues related to their resource provision and crowdfunding.  The participants of the event will discuss national and international achievements in implementation of socially significant startups and private initiatives.

In workshop "Philanthropic Efforts In Framing Reality Citywide, Countrywide, Worldwide" the relevant Report will be delivered by Elena Bashkirova, General Director of Bashkirova and partners research agency.

The marketplace will contribute to introducing new project methods of training for academic process, development of creative potential in the young and translation of the best new ideas into action. The following events of different format are on the list of the forum program:

Thursday, Apr.10

Workshop includes two sessions.
10.00 a.m. - 1.30 p.m. Session «Philanthropic Efforts In Framing Reality Citywide, Countrywide, Worldwide" with focus on issues of implementation of philanthropic efforts;
2.00 - 3.30 p.m. Master class on investment promotion for  crowdfunding  startups (Gerhard Drobits, Vienna University of Economics and Business);
3.30 - 6.00 p.m  Session «Technologies and Algorithms of Volunteering for Sports» covering the aspects of youth involvement in around sports volunteering activities, Sochi Olympics 2014 experience considered;
Participants of the round table are Members of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, non-government organizations and the government agencies representatives, supporting the volunteering movement, Sochi 2014 organizing committee members, Russian athletes.

Friday, Apr.11
12.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m. Interuniversity and cross-cutting round table «Effects and effectiveness of social technologies and communications» for scientific experts, workers and specialists, working in the field of practice-oriented  social technologies, also including communications, pertaining to humanities expert evaluation of their functioning effects and the agenda for effectiveness evaluation methods.
April 10 – 12, Exposition «Public Solidarity In Solving Social Problems».

Forum of "Social project-planning for the purposes of youth initiatives", open heart and good will in generations meeting and exchanging views!

For more detailed information and enrolment visit the fevent front office (specialized department for marketing and advertising of the Russian State University for the Humanities):
Phone.: 8 499 250 63 90
E-mail: bogdan.a@rggu.ru

You are also welcome to visit Bashkirova and partners research agency online or make a phone call:

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