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Ethical Leadership

In the 21st century, the role of the manager is not limited to functions such as planning, organization, motivation and control. Such tasks, as establishing and maintaining moral and ethical principles in the organization, are no less significant.

Nowadays, ethical issues arise all the time and the situation is complicated by the fact that Russian society has lived through a decade of so-called redistribution of property, when business people have neglected all well-established norms of human morality in the struggle for power and resources. The general principle of life was - "the end justifies the means."

Thus, among the most important issues on today's agenda is a question whether Russian companies and their leaders can work according to the ethical norms and rules, or  there is a need to redevelop the values and principles of organizational behavior in such areas as communication, quality control, cooperation, leadership.

More and more often, executives ask the following question: "How to conduct business responsibly?", "How to build ethical relationships with employees, customers and partners?", "What is the right attitude to the environment?", "How to resolve ethical dilemmas and to avoid the double standards?", "What it means to work in an ethical manner?" .

The answers to these and other questions concerning the ethical leadership in your company, you can get through individual counseling sessions provided by qualified foreign experts in the field of ethical leadership and organized by "Bashkirova and partners."

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